What We Offer

Danapac’s product selection has been extended to unprecedented range with various properties which includes but not limited to:-

HIPS Sheet

HIPS Sheet (High- Impact Polystyrene Sheet) - FDA / EU compliance, ESD Sheets (permanent or moisture dependent), Surface coating, Multilayer, RoHS Compliance, Extra Stiff, High Heat, Non-migration / Surface Barrier, Laminated / Printed Sheets, Protective Barrier

PP Sheet

PP Sheet (Polypropylene Sheet) - ESD Sheets (moisture dependent)

CPS Sheet

CPS Sheet (Clear Polystyrene Sheet)

PET Sheet

PET Sheet (Polyethylene Terephthalate Sheet)

HDPE Sheet

HDPE Sheet (High-density Polyethylene Sheet)

As HIPS products continue to be in high demand in the market, we have diversified our product range. Today, both our antistatic and insulative HIPS have met RoHS and FDA standards and contributed to a fair share of market segment in medical trays, part trays, stressful forming and multi-coloured sheets. Far from being complacent, Danapac’s dissipative carbon/non-carbon based and conductive HIPS have performed extremely well in electrical & electronic packaging.